Insurtech Solutions
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We promote the digital transformation of the Insurance Industry through innovative technological solutions.

We take your business
into the new era of Insurance.

Our extensive knowledge of the insurance business and its processes, together with our experience in information technology and digital marketing, allows us to provide you with effective solutions to enhance your capabilities and transform your business.

differentiated value


Our team has extensive experience in the insurance industry, which allows us to adequately understand the needs and perspectives of our clients.  


We work in an agile and efficient manner, always focused on achieving the objectives of the project and the profitability of our clients.  


We develop practical and modern solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs, improve customer service and increase the competitive value of our clients.  


We always act in a clear and transparent manner.



Solutions for Brokers

Broker-Up is acomprehensive solution that automates all the key processes of the insurance brokerage business. It manages all types of products: corporate (Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits), Personal Lines and Affinity.

Solutions for Bancassurance

Broker-Up Bancassurance is designed for financial institutions that act as a distribution channel for both mandatory (linked to credit operations) and voluntary insurance . It covers the entire journey of an insurance client: acquisition, sale, collection and service.

Solutions for Insurers

Insure-Up is a sales and service solution (front office) that helps insurers to provide a superior customer experience by optimizing all their interaction channels: contact center, sales force, intermediaries, points of sale, web portals, mobile apps, among others.

Solutions for Non-Traditional Channels

Broker-Up Affinity allows the administration and sale of insurance programmes through non-traditional channels or points of sale such as: vehicle manufacturers and dealers, commercial chains, utilities, sports clubs, professional associations, among others.



Consulting focus on the diagnosis of the current situation and the identification of improvement opportunities with the aim of defining the optimal scope of the solution to be implemented.

Data Migration

Optionally, as part of the implementation of our solutions, we perform the data migration service applying the best practices of extraction, transformation and loading.

Customization to particular needs

We adapt and customizeour solutions in order to meet the particular requirements of our clients, including the development of integration interfaces with other solutions, whether internal or external..

Implementation and accompaniment

We ensure that our solutions have optimal performance and offer the critical capabilities necessary of availability and continuity. Likewise, we take care of the training of users and the support during the start-up in order to achieve the expected success.

Maintenance and Support

We carry out regular updates of our solutions to ensure their constant evolution.
We offer support to our clients remotely and on-site at the client's offices.


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